Travel Assistance

Feel safe with us!

Efficiency, competence and availability are the main vectors guiding the roadside assistance service in Auto-Estradas do Atlântico and mainly aim to ensure users of our motorway network, safety, comfort and assistance.

The main services provide by roadside assistance on AEA motorways network are:

Help and protection: emergency signaling and marking in the event of accident or breakdown, cleaning and unblocking roads, drive intervention support via our Traffic Control Center;

Assistance: assistance and provision of various information;
Breakdowns services: intervention electro / mechanical and supply (fuel, oil, water and air);
Surveillance and patrol: check the status of infrastructure and traffic flow.

For effectiveness in ensuring the various services described above, we have a specialized team and properly resourced in human and vehicles means which acting in full coordination with our Traffic Control Center.
Whenever you need our assistance services, please call the 261 318 777*, and request directly to one of several mobile teams of assistance and patrolling. You also may request it through one of the SOS posts at your disposal throughout our motorway network.

When the assistance is intended to breakdown services, and taking account reasons of safety and effective management of resources, the intervention is carried out only when it can be settled on the spot, an estimated maximum time of 30 minutes. If it is not possible to solve the problem in the manner described above, the vehicle must be towed to the nearest exit or to a place specified by the customer. It is up to the client to indicate the tug of your choice, in case of being necessary to operate a trailer. If you have no preference, AEA will carry out the request for towing.

Also note that whenever assistance is requested, the customer is immediately informed of the conditions and prices charged table, not only in terms of labor-work and utilization rate as well as the parts to be used in cases where this applies.